Monday, July 11, 2011

Sri Lanka is a country rich in culture. Every village in Sri Lanka has a temple.
Madiha is on the other hand, being primarily a Buddhist village, has a few aged old
temples which you can visit while in Madiha. These are located on different geographical conditions but all within comfortable reach from the Retreat.

Please AVOID misbehaving, taking snap shots, or wearing slippers and hats inside
and around the temple area. Also dress decently when you visit these!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Stilt fishing in Madiha, one of the few places in the world where it's practiced!

Stilt fishing is a traditional technique to catch fish practiced in Sri Lanka for years up to now. Mainly a thing in down south Sri Lanka, stilt fishing is where a fisherman gets onto a purpose-built timber supporter with his rod and  goes on for hours to catch a sizable amount of fish to support his family.

A much photographed scenery in Sri Lanka, this technique is heavily practiced in Ahangama, Madigama, Talpe, Madiha, Polhena, and Tangalle.

Shaka Sign Surf Camps

For some surfing is a religion.
For some it's a recreation.
For most of them, it's never-in-a-million years idea! 

We can change it all for you. This is a call for those who love the beach, sports, & adrenalin rush in the blood!

be in the few who dare-to-do! SURF!!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Retreat - Madiha

The Retreat - Madiha is an old bungalow converted into a villa for the budget traveler. It has every facility a budget traveler needs to make them feel at home. 

                                                     Facilities of the retreat include 
                                                          Single/double/ triple en-suite bed rooms
                                                          Spacious landscaped garden
                                                          Full serviced restaurant (E/W,C & Seafood)
                                                          Self cooking facilities
                                                          Ample parking
                                                          Guide/driver room
                                                          Laundry service
                                                          Paddling/motor bike for rent
                                                         Bird watching/wild life excursions can be arranged

      You can take easy excursions from The Retreat to more  famous beaches such as 

  • Polhena (Stilt fishing, snorkeling paradise, swimming, sun bathing)
  • Mirissa (Surfing, snorkeling, exploring, sun bathing) 
  • Weligama (Surfing and kiting) 
  • Matara town is accessible within 10-15 minutes for all your shopping needs
The manager of the retreat, Mr, Gallage (more known as Gallage ayya), also the head cook, will take care of all your needs at the hotel. He is very enthusiastic and attentive. Don't forget to have a late evening chat with him sitting in the beautifully landscaped garden.


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